Other Carry On’s

The Cheek of It!

In 2007 Zoe foundedThe Cheek of It! School of Burlesque and cabaret. The School has now trained over 3000 women in the Art of burlesque. 90% of all graduates entering UK Burlesque Competitions win 1st/2nd or 3rd place, including both best striptease and variety act at The London Burlesque Week 2011. The Cheek of It has have been quoted as the best Burlesque School in London by by Chaz Royal (producer of the world famous London Burlesque Festival). Regularly featured on TV and in the media for their unique style of training and the quality of their performers. Zoe and her team of teachers are now training women internationally including Italy, Serbia, USA, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Jersey. In 2012 Zoe won a London cabaret Award for her contribution to the industry.

Lady Cheek

Inspired by the London Neo burlesque Scene in the early 00’s Zoe created Lady Cheek in 2005. Lady Cheek has wowed audiences the world over with her unique combination of silver screen feminine elegance and downright hilarious comedy from the slapstick to the bizarre. Lady Cheek can be seen performing in burlesque and cabaret shows across the UK, Europe and beyond. Find out more about Lady Cheek here >

World Femininity Day

On the 26/4/11 along with a team of likeminded burlesquers, Zoe launched World Femininity Day to acknowledge and celebrate femininity and raise awareness and money for charities working to end exploitation of women and children. The event was celebrated in NYC, London, Copenhagen, Zagreb and Rio De ’Jeniro and attracted the interest of 3032 people from over 73 countries on the day. in 2012 WFD hosted The Clittorati party to raise money for The Orchid Project who are committed to ending Female Genital Cutting. Find out more about WFD here >

Charles and Cook Live Art Theatre

Charles and Cook was a callaboration between Zoe Charles and Sadie Cook who both graduated from Brighton University in 2000. Charles and Cook worked extensively with The People Show, and were featured in London International Festival of Theatre, Streets of Brighton Festival, International Women’s Day, East End and Collaborations to name but a few.

Enthralled by the glamour and style of the 1940’s Charles and Cook created theatre inspired by this era. Delighting audiences with cheeky themes and old school charm and whether it was enticing an audience member down a candle lit corridor with the promise of ripe peaches or strutting in seamed stockings and heels they never failed to tease and tantalize anyone who dared to watch.

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