A wry, dry, feminist wit -think Adrian Mole meets Caitlin Moran.
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Well scripted and beautifully put together- Four Stars.
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A charming, cheeky and downright hilarious tale of a girl in search of normal and finding naughty, Zoe Charles, aka Lady Cheek, headmistress of The Cheek of It! School of Burlesque and Cabaret, premiered her one-woman show ‘Memoirs of a Slutsky’ at the Mimetic Festival in Enfield last weekend (Saturday 20th July 2013).

I was in tears of laughter from start to finish as she told tales of of parental exorcisms, womanhood ceremonies with her hippy mother, John Major the cat being used to cover her Father’s unmentionables, imitating Victorian ghosts and being the only Jew in her family, with deft and affectionate characterisation and wit.

The characterisations are brilliant and the story flows naturally….the quality of the writing shines through….I was laughing my head off.
Franco Milazo – This is Cabaret

I was in Tears of laughter from start to finish.
Funny Women

Thanks to her years spent as a burlesque performer, Zoe’s physical comedy is perfectly polished. Capable of captivating her audience with a simple tilt of her head, she understands the power of physicality in acting. As she slips seamlessly between the characters of her mother, her father, her sisters and her childhood selves, she brings them to life with distinct and personal gestures, so we always knew exactly who she had become.

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