Memoirs of a Slutsky – Audience Feedback 2013/14

Brighton Fringe Festival 2014

97% of the Brighton audience who filled in feedback forms gave Memoirs of a Slutsky 5 stars with the remaining 3% giving a 4 star rating.

A wry, dry, feminist wit -think Adrian Mole meets Caitlin Moran.
Exeunt Magazine

Funny, bold, fast- paced engaging performance, loved the light and shade, took unexpected turns.
Melissa Dennett – BBC Sussex

Loads to enjoy- the storytelling, family stories, the power of the grim revelation dealt with quietly- and loved the vagina dentata story! The striptease on the flipchart- excellent, poor john major.
Kathy Caton – BBC Sussex

Simply Brilliant.
Rachel ward

Excellent, unusual show- likeable.

Really enjoyed the show, funny and moving.

I liked the narrative and process a lot, how it was paced but I really enjoyed total eclipse of the heart.

Any other show I have tickets for have a very hard act to follow.
Julia Duncan

The comic timing was excellent, I wasn’t expecting so many different elements to the show, zoe is very talented.
Becky Timbrell

The way you took us from laughing to holding our breath to feeling sad and back to laughing again, that’s quite a trick, tremendous.

The comedy, the true story, The fantastic rendition of ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’.

Everything! Your use of body language, voice, playback, comedy and drama was brilliant and uncommon.
Marta Juti

This was wonderful, uplifting, funny, sexy cool.

Leicester Square Lounge Theatre Oct/Nov 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable evening- was totally emerged in the whole story.
Alan Rhodes

Original, very, very funny and moving. She’s great, genius work, well done!

Totally original, the flip charts, music, low budget doesn’t impact high impact.

Well done, you kept us laughing and entertained for 1.5 hours without a break.

Fabulous loved it!
Louise Barnett

Funny, entertaining and moving.
Sean Mooney

You are an inspiration!
Charlie Nunn

Extraordinary courageous performance by a woman who has a very interesting life and clearly conquered and triumphed . Very, very, very funny and humbling, Zoe conveys so many emotions without words. I was moved to tears.
Mariska Jane

Very Moving and entertaining, awesome, loved it!

You are beautiful, funny and fabulous.

My head hurt, I laughed so much!
Peter Hodgins

Seamless jumping/transitions from era to era, movie and emotive, yet laugh out loud funny.
Hannah Love

Insightful and touching, I laughed out loud which is rare.

Hilarious, real and very touching, so honest and beautiful, thank you for sharing your story with us.

Gorgeous show, well done!

Sincere, wonderfully delivered, best show I have seen all year.
Aaran Albury

Very Inspirational , this is an incredible story! please do share it with more people.

You were amazing, such a powerful show- both entertaining and a real girl power piece!

Frickin hilarious/touching/personal.
Flair Doublet

It was great, what a fun, sexy, brave woman!
CC Vanmarle

Mimetic Festival July 2013

Memoirs of a Slutsky won best Cabaret as voted by the audience:

Awesome LOVED IT!
Rebecca Page

Loved It! Creative, warm and gorgeous.
Sarah Parry

Such energy and honesty, cried with laughter, natural storyteller.
Caroline Bragg

Absolutely loved it, would pay to see it again.
A. Pluttley

Keep going- this needs to be out there, I feel honoured to have seen it.

Excellent show, very funny and brave, would love to read the book.

Original, funny, entertaining and moving.
SJA Woodward

Was Brilliant!

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